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I panicked, and you should too!

A few weeks back I discovered a little piece of software. This software is so great that I immediately wanted to tell all my friends and colleagues about it. But then I realized, not that many of my friends are in Web programming or fortunate enough to join me on the dark side and use a Mac. It kind of reminded of the time I found a great health supplement which had me very convinced and happy when I tried it for a couple weeks. None of my friends are as health-conscious really, and so they weren’t all that interested in my recommendation. I don’t want to dwell on that too much here, but if you would like to, you can click to find out more.

The programm I am talking about is Coda by Panic Inc. and it is a web developer’s dream! I will not go on and list all it’s features now because Panic has a pretty good website and you can read all about it there. I will just say that when developing in PHP/mySQL, which I really enjoy in my spare time these days, Coda is the only application I have open: no editors, no FTP client, no SQL client, not even a browser, because – you guessed it – even that is built right in.

The best of Coda’s properties, however, is it’s price: at roughly 80€ I did not think twice and bought it on the spot. And after two weeks of using it I would say it is worth at least five times that much.

If you’re interested now, Panic makes a few other neat tools for the Mac and iOS as well, my second favourite being Transmit iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Take a minute and check these guys out: panic.com.

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