Dr. Laurin Ostermann


When to buy a new MacBook Pro

With Christmas knocking at the door and my MacBook Pro turning six next year, I have given some thought to replacing my current main setup with a new one. But then, I started to hesitate and figured out all the features I would want in a new configuration. First, my current setup is a 2010 […]

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The iCloud Media Library Disaster

While I have been enjoying having the world’s music readily available through Apple Music at any time for the last four months, I have not quite come to grips with the iCloud Media Library. At first, I thought it might be a good idea to use this feature, which should allow you to sync all […]

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I panicked, and you should too!

A few weeks back I discovered a little piece of software. This software is so great that I immediately wanted to tell all my friends and colleagues about it. But then I realized, not that many of my friends are in Web programming or fortunate enough to join me on the dark side and use […]

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