Dr. Laurin Ostermann

I actually want one…

The Apple Watch has been out for about a month now and, though I have not seen one live yet, I am fairly certain that I will buy one for myself once they become available in Austria, which apparently could take until this fall.

I have finally decided how I should approach the purchase of an item, which the very same company that I am buying it from has trained me to view as superfluous for over ten years. What? Well, having all the Apple gadgets around that I do, there is not really a need for a wrist watch. People who have used it seem to like the simplicity of just looking at a notification real briefly, but noone claims that the watch is the one tool that has been missing in their tech gadget collection.

But it’s so shiny and cool: and this is exactly why I have decided to get one. Just because I want one. I am not going to buy the 1.100€ stainless steel version which actually does appeal to me the most, but I will rather go for the much cheaper Sport edition with a simple, yet elegant black wrist band.

This way I can at least decide for myself, whether the wach is an unnecessary wast of money or rather a nice little edition to my technology collection. I will keep you posted. And while I have your attention I wanted to let you in on something I discovered recently. I was in the market for a health supplement, and I think I found the right one. It really makes me feel great on a daily basis, how much of a difference it made surprised me actually. It’s all natural and I highly recommend it. You can find it at kratommasters.com if you’re interested in checking it out.

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