Dr. Laurin Ostermann

Really Simple Dead Asleep

Usually, I am quite on top or even ahead of trends in tools, gadgets and technology, but with this on I had my head buried in a swamp somewhere.

Only two weeks ago I finally decided to switch from visiting my favourite news websites a couple of times throughout the day to subscribing to their RSS feed and reading them all in one place.

And here is my new setup, which I do have to say, I really enjoy now: first, there is Feedly as my feed tracking service where I subscribe to a couple of local newspapers and some tech sites and blogs I am interested in. For reading my feeds on the go I bought Unread for iPhone and Unread for iPad, both about 5€. When I am out and about I usually just skim through the headlines and mark the articles I really want to read with a star.

Then, when I have some time and a nice cup of coffee on my desk, I sit down and review the articles marked with a star and actually read them. For that I use Reeder on my Macs, roughly 10€.

So, with this fairly affordable solution and Feedly’s free service I am finally where I could have been almost ten years ago in terms of my news consumption. Well, better late than never, I guess.

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