Dr. Laurin Ostermann

'Go, screw yourself, winmail.dat!'

Once in a while, I receive emails with an ominous attachment entitled ‘winmail.dat’. This happens when an Outlook user sends a message using an Exchange mail server.

As you probably now, I am on Mac OS X and these winmail.dat files started to annoy the hell out of me, especially when I took up a collaboration where I would receive them almost daily. Luckily, there are people out there who have thought of solutions for this issue.

One of them is Josh Jacob, who developed a nifty little program called TNEF’s Enough, which allows for extracting the Exchange TNEF stream from the winmail.dat file, therby providing access to the actual message and attachment(s) sent.

And best of all, this application is free. Check it out at Josh Jacov’s website.

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