Dr. Laurin Ostermann

Sound Tube Vs. Tooth Brush

A few weeks back I decided to upgrade my bathroom sound system to a Sound Tube Micro HiFi from Amazon for about 60€.

While having read fairly diverse reviews – from ‘completely happy’ to ‘sent back upon arival’ – I decided to go for it and test it out myself. And I Have to say, I am happy with the product. Granted, it does not hold up against a full-fledged stereo or my Bose Airplay speakers, but that it not really a requirement for a set of speakers that you use while you shower, at least not for me.

The iPhone Lightning Dock is a nice addition and WiFi- or Bluetooth paring is completely unnecessary, even though the speakers do feature Bluetooth connectivity.

In summary, the Sound Tube is a reasonably priced speaker set with a reasonable sound, too little for the living room but easily enough for the kitchen or the bathroom.

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