Dr. Laurin Ostermann

Well, I do like my diary…

Some people might say it is old-fashioned, some might say it is way too girly and others will even consider it as plain odd, but I have really grown fond of keeping a diary over the last five years.

In the year 2015 a personal journal, of course, is not some leather book you keep in the one lockable drawer of your desk, but rather a collection of pieces of software, which accompany you all day long. When I started out with my diary I chose Chronories (by Synium Software), because I would not only give me the opportunity to write down my everyday thoughts but it would also log email conversations, my computer activities and even the weather. Unfortunately, this nice piece of software did not provide the ability to sync my diary between multiple computers and there was no iOS version, which would allow for using a few minutes on the bus or so to write today’s entry. And, even worse, in late 2013 Synium decided that they would no longer develop or sell Chronories.

So here I was, with almost four years of personal journal in an application that would slowly die off. Luckily, I discovered Day One, a nice, clean and simple diary application that ticks all the boxes: well designed, fast, modern and most importantly, there is an iPhone/iPad version too and everything can be synchronized. Thus, after having switched over to Day One, for the last year I have jogged down my every-day thoughts in this amazing piece of software. Big recommendation!

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